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 Assistance with your account or an order:

Email entrustsource@gmail.com  

Call 520-885-9278
Mail Concerns or Comments to:
Entrust Source LLC
281 Camino la Pasida
Rio Rico, AZ 85648 

Shipping & Delivery

Please contact entrustsource@gmail.com to report any problem you may have with an order.

Why do I have to allow time to print my books?  Aren’t they in stock?

Entrust Source now uses the newest method of printing called “print on demand” for your orders.  This means excess stock is not stored in warehouses and results in paper conservation and waste reduction.  Also, "print on demand" is more cost efficient. Thus Entrust Source has passed the savings on to our customers through new pricing.

 How much lead time should I plan for my order?

 The short answer is about two (2) weeks.  Because each order is run at the time it is placed, the printer needs a full business week to produce the book(s).  You will also need to factor in the additional shipping time.  The average ship time is another 3-5 days, depending on your geographical location -- unless you pay for expedited services.

What are my shipping options?

Delivery is affected by your geographical distance from the printer. Entrust Source uses the following shipping services:

  • UPS (Ground takes 3-5 days)     
  • UPS Three Day Select
  • UPS 2ndDay Air
  • USPS Priority
  • USPS Media Mail (limited tracking, no guarantee)
  • *Additional expedited delivery options are available by calling us at 520-885-9278. 

 Will I know the ETA of my order?

For all orders except Media Mail, you will receive an email that provides the tracking number and estimated time of arrival.

Privacy & Security

All orders and customer information is secure on our site. At no time do we release information regarding customer information without prior written and documented permission from our customers.

Returns & Replacements

In the past, we accepted returns.  Under the new “print on demand” system, we no longer has access to a warehouse to store inventory.  Please be aware that you are financially obligated for the quantity and titles of the material once the order has been placed.  We ask that you verify completely your order before submitting it to avoid mistakes.

However, should the order be incorrectly fulfilled or arrive damaged, we certainly wish to address your concerns.  In such cases, please contact us at 520-885-9278 or email us at entrustsource@gmail.com and we will be happy to assist you.


Enter your order online or call Customer Support 520-885-9278 to have your order placed for you. If you have a problem in completing your order, please email entrustsource@gmail.com.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

All pricing is updated on a regular basis. At times, there are promotions with a special activation code. Please contact entrustsource@gmail.com  if you are interested in a quantity discount.

We are proud to offer to our customers the added security of authorize.net. We do not store any payment information (except for customer addresses) under individual accounts. Your payment information must be entered each time you order.


                We accept VISA and MasterCard as well as checks once authorized.


Viewing Orders

Once you have registered, you can always view your orders by logging in, or contacting entrustsource@gmail.com .


Updating Account Information

For visitors, or new customers, thank you for taking the time to visit us! Please take a moment to create a new account by clicking on REGISTER. Then you can place an order or just belong to our email list to receive Entrust Source product updates and event information. At no time do we release information regarding customer information without prior written and documented permission from our customers.